Chinese people are not known for eating raw food because of their beliefs about health and digestion. They believe that for better digestion, food has to be cooked, this will enable the body to digest the food easily and save energy. According to their customs, warm and cooked food is best for both digestion together with the body in general. Cooking food will not only aid in digestion, but it also has a wide range of benefits compared to eating raw food. Raw food, however, does have certain medical uses according to their culture.

The human body does not have

The human body does not have an easy time when breaking down raw food. It has to be warmed to a slightly higher temperature inside the body before it can be digested. This will require energy to be accomplished and Chinese people do not support the idea. Raw veggies have too much fibre in them when raw. Fiber does help in digesting food, but it is better when cooked. The same veggies have a different problem attached to them, they can be dangerous to eat raw due to pathogens that might remain on the surface after cleaning them. Pesticide chemicals are also dangerous to human health, in a case where the cleaning was not done correctly, serious health problems might occur.

The Chinese And Raw Food Delicacies

Vegetables are not the only food which may have pathogens on them, even raw meat or fish can have pathogens on them. That is the reason Chinese people do prefer cooking food to prevent pathogenic infections. Making a raw vegetable dish would require fresh vegetables, but in places like China, fresh vegetables are costly. Agricultural activities are hindered by the large population and urbanization in the area. Arable land is not available, so those who do manage to grow vegetables in their gardens do it at a high price, this further discourages the Chinese from eating raw veggies.

Raw food though, has medical applications in Chinese tradition, but it has to be in balance for the body to remain healthy. They suggest having a considerable amount of raw food which is cold, balanced with warm-energy foods like ginger or peppers to maintain the equilibrium. The customs and traditions in Chinese culture do not favor consumption of raw food especially vegetables. Food is considered to have different kinds of energies, so according to these people, balance between the energies is important for body health. It is for these reasons plus more, that Chinese people do not encourage consumption of raw food.