Matters concerning food can be decided upon by many factors like religion and personal interests, not to mention allergies. Depending on how a patient is used to taking a type of food, enjoying the same in a different form may be difficult. If a patient is used to eating raw carrots, cooking them may make such a person lose interest in the food or maybe may injure their beliefs. Whatever works for an individual is just okay provided it is not harmful to the health. Eating raw food is certainly not illegal. This means everybody is free to choose whether to take raw food.

Some foods, especially fruits and vegetables,

Some foods, especially fruits and vegetables, require minimal heat to preserve the full nutritional value. Greens like lettuce are not cooked but eaten raw after a thorough wash. Carrots and fruits like apples can be cooked, baked or eaten raw, it is all about the choice. A number of delicacies taste better when uncooked like the fruit salad although those who like theirs cooked can do a mixed fruit cake or pie but the taste will not be the same. The smell of fresh food and the crunchy texture gives a great feeling while eating raw food, takes the mind away from stress.

Reasons Why Those Who Eat Raw Food Feel Good

Although a number of foods are recommended to be taken raw, others like meat require exposure to heat to prevent digestion problems. Animals which live on meat have a special digestive system to break down meat easily, for humans, it takes a while longer. To prevent the risk of contracting diseases and stomach upsets, cook meat in the preferred way either by boiling, roasting or frying before eating it. Industries have processed raw meats like this that can be taken in salads without the risk of contracting illnesses. Cooking food serves the purpose of killing disease causing bacteria and adding flavor to food.

People are different, not everyone will enjoy raw foods, to others, the bare sight gives them nausea. It is advisable not to eat raw food near those who think it’s gross. Self enjoyment should not interfere with the comfort of the other person. Sushi is one of the raw delicacies that consists of raw fish and fermented rice. From the look of it, it is hard to notice it’s uncooked until tasting time. Culture goes a long way in determining whether a meal will be cooked it not. It should also be noted that not everyone who belongs to a certain part of the world that eats raw food enjoys it.

Allergies can force patients to decide on taking raw specific foods. During the cooking process, many changes happen to respective foods that may change the reaction of how the body accepts into the system. For example, a patient may be allergic to cooked tomatoes but they are fine taking them raw. Sometimes no matter how much someone claims to take only raw vegetables, some foods cannot go down the throat when raw. These include legumes and cereals, so cooking until soft is the best way to obtain complete nutrients plus a tasty flavor for these.