Marmite is a yeast spread that was first originated from the United Kingdom in Europe, it’s mostly used in the content, for bread or other pastries. Justus Von Liebig was a German scientist who invested this spread, however, it wasn’t created in Germany, but in the UK. This food is useful to everyone, as it contains vitamin B, and vitamin B12, the yeast spread is produced by Anglo-Dutch company Unilever. What is a marmite? In simple ideology, a marmite is a pastry substance that is sticky, dark, contains powerful flavor, and is salty.

Although some individuals don't like the

Although some individuals don’t like the item, others don’t really care because the food is rich in vitamins, and contains ingredients that can improve a person’s health condition. The company used a slogan “Love it or hate it “, and the reason for this slogan is to tell people that some might not enjoy it, while others will. Marmite’s taste is unique, other brands of similar item can’t come up with a food as good as this, that’s why lots of customers use marmite.

Key ingredients in Marmite

Another good benefit of using marmite, is its flavoring, most customers purchase this product because of its flavors, and that’s its secret ingredient, glutamate. With the high level of glutamate, this product is considered to be rich in umami, that’s what also contributes to its flavoring. Before marmites were kept in glass bottle or jars, they were first kept in pots, but the use of glass jars started since 1920, that’s to say that marmite has existed for years. Marmite’s secret ingredient always makes it different from similar products, like the vegemite from Australia, cenovis from Sweden, cenovit from Brazil, and others. All these other products can’t be better than marmite, although the companies are like an opposition, customers will continue to purchase their favorite spread, and that’s marmite. How was this product discovered? The scientist who discovered it, Justus Von Liebig, saw the brewer’s yeast, and he found out that when it is concentrated, it can be eaten.

Within the first year of the release of the product, the manufacturers started having lots of customers, which generated money for the construction of another company. Other food nutritionist from different countries, even discovered the presence of vitamin in marmite, more customers began to purchase it, as they knew that it was healthy food. Even during the world war, marmites were eaten by most soldiers and citizens of Germany, as the vitamin B1 deficiency was common then. In 1930, the item was used by a great scientist to treat a form of anaemia in some workers who were working in Bombay. Folic acid was the key ingredient responsible for the treatment of anaemia, it was identified by the same scientist who used it to treat those workers in Bombay. The manufacturing process of the product is kept secret by manufacturers, but the process of making an extract from yeasts, is to first add salt to it.

Finally, marmite’s taste and sweetness, shows the presence of glutamic acid yeast extract, salt, flavors from spices, with few extracts from vegetables.