Making any sweet delicacy is usually subjective, and no single chef can claim to have the best recipe for preparing the sweetest food. Pie crusts can be made through many methods plus ingredients depending on your style of preparation. The critical aspect that will set a distinction between a good pie crust and a floppy pie is the level of craft employed in the preparation process. Cooking is considered an art, and you therefore need to know your game for you to please those whom you are targeting to enjoy your meal or snack. Though pie crusts will usually be categorized as fast food by most restaurants, it’s more of a snack. The first and last bite of any snack will make an informed decision about whether the person will want to taste another piece or that will be the last one.

Your goal as a chef is

Your goal as a chef is to create a craving while balancing with a sense of fulfillment even with a single pie crust. You should research the best ingredients for your pie crust that are universally accepted and loved by most consumers. Develop a personal recipe and stick to it while making several additions plus subtractions as you progress. Getting quality feedback from others can be helpful in keeping you on your toes with your recipes. Most bakers have developed a personal list of ingredients and workflow methods that distinguish their pie crusts from others. Be eager to create a personal label that will be defined by a secret ingredient that may easily become a game-changer for your craft.

Best Secret Ingredient for Your Pie Crust

While preparing your personal crust, there are proven basics that you can’t afford to bypass. For instance, crusts made using butter will always remain classic, though this ingredient will demand careful handling to prevent your pie crust from toughening. A good way of bypassing this challenge is by using a mixture of butter plus shortening to provide a balance between the flavor plus nice flakiness that makes the eating experience crunchy. Other bakers prefer adding vegetable oil or lard to make the dough easy to roll, especially when a food processor is not available.

Sour cream is a secret ingredient that can add magic to your crust snack, especially if you are preparing at home. It comes in handy with some benefits that will add significant value to your pie crust. Sour milk contains some fat that is useful in preventing your crust from hardening during and after baking is done. It will also add magical flakiness to your delicacy, which makes you crave to eat more and more of similar pie crusts.

For the best pie crust that is made using butter, the following ingredients would work perfectly to aid the final product. You’ll need at least two plus a half cups of general baking flour, around two sticks of cold unsalted butter. Have some table salt plus sugar by your side together with some icewater. A bit of vegetable oil would also be great to keep the dough soft while avoiding hardening. Master your steps without skipping any, and you’ll prepare your best crusts.